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Zenbei's Eyeballs, 2010 (aka Anatomy Fiction - rakugo version)

I asked Riko Shofukutei, professional rakugo (Japanese traditional sit-down comedy) performer, to convert
a little-known old Japanese story into the rakugo format.

The story is about a guy whose eyeballs are freed from their sockets, soaring through the air in the grasp of
crows to see the view from the sky, and then coming back to the sockets, yet mistakenly put inside-out, thus
looking into the world inside of his body.

Video stills | Play the video
Installation views at Misako & Rosen, Tokyo, 2010 | Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, 2011
review by Tamsen Greene English | Japanese

Zenbei's Eyeballs (Telescope ver.), 2012

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