The Man Who, An Ephemeral Archive, Keio University Art Center, Tokyo (organized by Hitoshi Kubo and Yohko Watanabe)
Na, Jointed Tree Gallery, Tokyo (invited by Masaya Chiba)
One Day screening / twilight: Kenji Ide, Yuki Okumura, Noriko Kawana, TANA Studio, Tokyo (curated by Kenji Ide)
Un Bon Debut, Galerie artsaucarre, Mons (curated by Christophe Veys)
Pleased to meet you. New Acquisitions in recent years, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Paris Internationale 2019, Paris (presented by MISAKO & ROSEN)
29,771 days ― 2,094,943 steps, ART-O-RAMA, Marseille (presented by MISAKO & ROSEN)
WIELS Art Book Fair 2019, WIELS, Brussels (participating as MISAKO & ROSEN & YUKIS)
Tre metri per quattro (1673996652 pi), various locations in Venice (initiated by Pietro Consolandi & Emilia Curatola)
Food Show 3, 3A Gallery, New York
Yuki Okumura: Double Acts, Bozar Studio, Brussels (organized by Etablissement d’en face)
Hisachika Takahashi and Yuki Okumura, June, Basel (presented by MISAKO & ROSEN)
Yuki Okumura: The Man Who (Test Screening), kumagusuku, Kyoto
Jun Yang: The Artist, the Work and the Exhibition, Kunsthaus Graz (curated by Barbara Steiner & Jun Yang)
29,771 days ― 2,094,943 steps, LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS, Brussels (presented by MISAKO & ROSEN)
On Kawara’s Pure Consciousness, or Many Worlds (and) Interpretation ― And Then, Silence Arrives, FFT Dusseldorf, in the framework of Nippon Performance Nights Vol. 6, as part of Nacht der Museen 2019 (curated by Akiko Okamoto)
beyond the reasons, Komagome SOKO, Tokyo (organized by KAYOKOYUKI)
I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me and We Are All Together: Shuffled Subjectivities In and Out of the Frame, Netherlands Film Academy, Amsterdam (coordinated by Sander Blom)
Bijutsu Joron, Community Center Fujieda Shimin Kaikan, Shizuoka (organized by Miki Mochizuka)
Miru, Art Kageyama, Shizuoka (organized by Miki Mochizuka)
Ja, Nine, Booth 24, Art Rotterdam 2019 (presented by Mieke van Schaijk)
Projections, Art Rotterdam 2019 (curated by Martha Kirszenbaum; presented by Mieke van Schaijk)
Viva Villa, Villa Mediterranee, Marseille (curated by Cecile Debray & Federico Nicolao)
Untitled, A Room With A View, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (curated by Kenjin Miwa)
Beatrice Balcou x Yuki Okumura: Double Suicide at kumagusuku, kumagusuku, Kyoto
Bon Voyage, Gordon Matta-Clark, @KCUA, Kyoto (held in conjunction with Yuichiro Tamura: Hell Scream)
rampe I, rambe, Berlin

alt-space-escape, online exhibition (curated by Makiko Takahashi)
On Kawara is Still Alive: An Interview with Pall Thayer, online presentation

YUKI OKUMURA, published by edition.nord, Niigata (para/log 001)