Yuki Okumura
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Welcome Back, Gordon Matta-Clark, statements, Tokyo

Yuki Okumura, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo
Oomingmak, Capital, San Francisco (curated by Jeffrey and Misako Rosen)

alt-space-escape, online exhibition (curated by Makiko Takahashi)
On Kawara is Still Alive: An Interview with Pall Thayer, online presentation

Wrapped / Unwrapped, Zoo Galerie, Nantes (curated by Patrice Joly)
Mostra dei Collezionisti, MIA Photo Fair, Milan (from the collection of Enrico Consolandi)
Cool Invitations 3, XYZ Collective, Tokyo (curated by Misako & Jeffrey Rosen)
The Absence of Work, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (curated by Julia Mullie and Nick Terra), Nov. 24-27, 2016
Leaves Without Routes, Nanmoncho 323, Taipei Botanical Garden, Taipei (curated by Nahoko Mabon & Yasunori Kawamatsu)
Hisachika Takahashi by Yuki Oukmura, Le Forum, Maison Hermes, Tokyo (curated by Reiko Setsuda)
Luser Story, in the framework of Making Use, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (presented by brud)
On Kawara’s Pure Consciousness, or Many Worlds (and) Interpretation―And Then, Silence Arrives, in the framework of Produce III, Colonie Yan Bina, Istanbul (curated by Zeynep Oz)
Na, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Galelry, Kyoto (curated by Hirokazu Tokuyama)

Yuki Okumura, published by edition.nord, Niigata (para/log 001)