N.E. One &c., Identity-Transformation, 2023-, a series of works on paper in a unitary format, 45.5 x 60.5cm each

Installation view in 'November', curated by Carla Donauer with Martin Germann, 2-12-4 Higashiazabu, Minatoku, Tokyo, 2023, photo by Go Itami

N.E. One &c. (est. 2023, Brussels, Belgium), pronounced eanyone et ceteraf, is a duo formed by artists Luciana Janaqui (*1987, Lima, Peru) and Yuki Okumura (*1978, Aomori, Japan). Presented here are seven works from the series eIdentity-Transformationf, proposing different ways to transform onefs identity drawn from various experiments conceived and executed by one (or sometimes both) of the two artists in their respective practices. The unitary format is after the one that Canadian artist duo N.E Thing Co. employed to render each of their diverse projects equally as a piece of eInformationf. While NETCOfs original ones resembled pages of a companyfs product catalogue, NEO&Cfs entries are rather akin to a collection of recipes, encouraging anyone to try them out. [from the exhibition text]






Exhibited works:
EI-T_01_Try using a fictitious name / Try changing your name, 2023
EI-T_02_Try narrating the personal histories of others as yours, 2023
EI-T_03_(State your name and then) talk about your own backgrounds and/or viewpoints (from the first person perspective) in a particular language; Organise a session at a later date in which your words are retroactively live-translated into a different language through multiple simultaneous interpretations done all at once by a number of individuals inside a closed room where you are absent as they listen simultaneously through earphones to the audio recording of your talk, 2023
EI-T_04_Meet someone who feels like your esoulmatef and ask this person to tell you various stories of her/his past experiences; Memorize their details; Recollect and re-narrate them as your own memories, 2023
EI-T_05_Try transfiguring your face by plastic surgery, 2023
EI-T_06_Find two individuals who kept their faces and private lives invisible to the public eye and whose ages and physical constitutions and life paths and activities were somewhat similar to each other's; Have some individuals each of whom had personal interactions with both of the two tell you their own memories of the two while never pronouncing the names of the two and instead only using a third person singular pronoun to refer to both of them; Reorder the collected stories in the chronological order of the original events, 2023
EI-T_07_Try joining a new community as a parasite by creating false memories and renovating your past, 2023

All photos on this page are by Go Itami, from the November show